iDATA - MAHARERA Listed Projects Search & Insight Tool

iDATA is our online analytics tool providing data and real estate research covering the Maharera registred projects & under-construction Real estate projects in Maharashtra. By leveraging our database, our users gain access to information that would otherwise take months to assemble, along with the tools to search, analyze, compare, chart, and audit at a click of a button.

Our online database captures over 9000+ maharera projects of nearly 5000+ developers and generates analysis for all verticals under the residential, commercial and retail sectors from a macro to a micro level. Essential Analytics tools to strengthen real estate market knowledge, allow for detailed property comparisons and provide self consulting insights.


Access to in-depth knowledge & market insights about the Real estate projects registered under the Real Estate Regulation Act (MAHARERA).

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Core Features

Market Insights

Provide real estate professionals with insights on the demand supply situation in various micro-markets and developer groups.


Providing analytics, data and real estate research covering the Real estate Industry in Maharashtra.

In-depth information

Get in depth information on all under construction projects in Maharashtra.


Aiding well informed decision making based on accurate data.