Self-Use Software

One stop solution to manage transactions, cash flows, documents and tasks. Helps reducing errors & saves costs

Outsourced Team & Software

Complete Real Estate Asset Management, by team of professionals, taking care of on-boarding transactions, daily activities and on field assistance

Core Features

Transaction Management

Managing transactions at all stages of property lifecycle viz, Purchase, Rent or Sale.

Task Management

All your planned and unplanned tasks now tracked real time with our Task Manager.

Forecast Cash Flows

Forecast of monthly, quarterly and annual inflow and outflows from the properties.

Document Digitisation

Safe and secure storage of documents on cloud in digital form.

Strategized Buy/Sell

Efficient asset allocation and in-depth market knowledge from in-house experts.


Assisting in valuation and diligence exercise for all kind of properties.

Key Benefits [Value Protection]

Saves Time

Systematic input combined with detailed reports enabling efficient time management.


Auto reminders for periodic and cash flow tasks added state of the art task management.


Data Encryption and highest regard to Client Confidentiality is our commitment.


Array of reports from Group level to Owner level to Individual assets enabling detailed analysis.

Reduces Errors

Maker Checker process at all levels and auto generation of reports leads to reduction in errors.

Professional Advice

In-house industry experts giving sound and quality advice.


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